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Unlike other companies, Teknation won't charge you for a cloud-migration assessment. Fill out the form on this page for an absolutely free consultation and planning session.


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We're not those sleazy high pressure guys. Trust us--we hate them as much as you do.  We'll just sit down and have a conversation about options that may help your business. Easy. Guaranteed.


No-Hassle, Confidential Assessment

Teknation's no-hassle assessment is strictly confidential. We will never share or sell your company's personal information. We'll also never bother you with telemarketing calls or email spam. We'll just put together a cloud-migration plan that works, and if you feel like it's right for you, then we'll deliver the services proposed. When you need us, we'll be there--simple as that.


Cut Costs by 30-50%

Most Teknation clients are able to cut monthly network and communications costs by 30-50% when they choose to partner with us. Our total network solution results in a streamlined technology architecture that naturally produces the type of savings inherent in simplicity. Additionally, our wholesale telecommunications services also deliver significant savings over other carriers. This powerful combination provides businesses with a robust communications architecture that boosts productivity and performance at minimum cost.


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