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Free Cloud Migration Plan

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Why Should You Migrate to the Cloud?

Cloud migration is a process in which companies move their IT infrastructure from their on-site premises to an off-site, secure location that is operated by a managed services provider. This process enhances employee productivity by enabling employees to work from anywhere. It also significantly reduces capital expenditures and operating costs.


Cloud Migration is Right for You If:


cloud storageYou or your employees need to be able to securely access files and applications from various locations

save with the cloudYou want to reduce operating expenses

lower costsYou're tired of equipment depreciation costs

the last upgrade you'll ever needYou want to keep up with the latest technology without worrying about large capital outlays

reduce IT support costsYou want to reduce in-house IT support costs

network scalabilityYou need easy and cost-effective network scalability to support your company's changing needs


telephone system with free long distanceYou want a phone system that supports telecommuting and free long distance



Why Migrating to the Teknation Cloud is Easy and Painless

Teknation is one of the very few companies who can provide an all-in-one cloud solution that includes network hardware and software, phone and internet service, cloud-server colocation, and flat-fee IT support.


Most other cloud migration companies require you to buy products and services from several vendors, which can often lead to finger-pointing between providers in the event that something goes wrong.


Because Teknation provides all services, including telecommunications, as part of our offering, you get single-point-of-contact accountability and troubleshooting. We take responsibility for all of your network components and make sure they all work together seamlessly for maximum performance at minimum cost.


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Creating the Migration Plan (FREE)

Migrating to the cloud is a process that can be performed all at once or over a period of years. You may want to continue to use the hardware and software you have in house until it is absolutely necessary to upgrade. Teknation works with you to put together a cloud migration plan that makes the best use of the IT infrastructure you have in place today while also providing you with a road map for future improvements.


Unlike other companies who charge for cloud-migration assessments, Teknation will evaluate your business' network for free and deliver a plan for migration tailored to fit your specific needs.


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Migrate to the Cloud

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