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Managed Services

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Get IT consulting and support, proactive network monitoring, backup, managed security for one low monthly fee. Learn More.

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Lower costs and boost performance by moving to the cloud. Our highly secure solution makes doing business easier. Learn More.

Teknation's OnWorks service lets you leverage our highly secure network to run your business. Plug in, turn on, and go. Learn More.


Teknation is a Dallas-based IT outsourcing, consulting, and cloud services company that specializes in helping businesses bridge the gap between old network models and newer, more cost-effective cloud technology.


The cloud delivers significant savings on operating costs as well as ease of management, reduced IT support costs, enhanced productivity, the ability to work from anywhere, scalability, and infrastructure simplicity. It's no wonder all businesses, large and small, are migrating to the cloud.


At Teknation, we know it's not a matter of if your business is moving to the cloud--it's a matter of when. Our goal is to make your transition simple and affordable, freeing you up to focus on your business, not your technology.



The Teknation OnWorks Service greatly simplifies business operations by delivering all network hardware, connectivity, and IT support through just one provider, on just one bill. Teknation's simple all-in-one network solution allows you to manage your business instead of your network.


When you need help, we're only one call away. Because we can provide your network hardware, software, IT support and telecommunications services, you get single-point-of-contact accountability and troubleshooting for all of your network services. Finger-pointing between vendors and service providers is a thing of the past.



Call us at 214-270-1070 or click here to request a free cloud migration plan now.


You may already be renting your technology- you're just overpaying for the privilege. Most technology components depreciate to a near zero value in as little as three years. Software becomes outdated and requires regular upgrades, as well as a costly IT staff to support it.


The Teknation Network delivers cloud-based IT services, telecommunications services, and IT support--a total network solution. Regular upgrades and IT support are included in our flat-fee monthly price. You'll always have access to the latest technology without having to worry about large capital outlays or depreciation costs.


Finally, because we are one of the few providers who deliver an all-in-one network solution, you get single-point-of-contact accountability and troubleshooting.  Teknation allows you to concentrate on your business while we manage all aspects of your network.

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